Heal thyself. Healthy self.

A certified detox specialist and health coach.
I am dedicated to helping you attain optimum health.

Heal thyself. Healthy self.

A certified detox specialist and health coach.
I am dedicated to helping you attain optimum health.

Heal thyself. Healthy self.

A certified detox specialist and health coach.
I am dedicated to helping you attain optimum health.

How I can be of service?

I help individuals understand how to evaluate their true level of health by providing tools, techniques and information that allow them to discover what their symptomology may mean and what environmental conditions are at the root of the problem.

Together we explore lifestyle and dietary habits, discuss the teachings and observations of the great natural health pioneers and we evaluate the best course of detoxification that will relieve symptoms by removing the obstacles to healing and regeneration.

What I will do

I provide individuals with guidance, knowledge, information and a clear understanding of what is needed to bring their body back to health and live a longevity lifestyle. 

Each individual requires a slightly different approach depending on their circumstances, will power, willingness and goals. Some benefit from a transition diet before entering the world of detoxification & some individuals do not have a lot of time to take it slowly, and must enter into detoxification immediately.

I have been through the detoxification process and guided many others along their journey. I will be there for you to answer questions and to help guide you through the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges that come with the cleansing process.

There are no quick fixes and it takes time and endurance to bring the body back into a state of health. Having me in your corner to provide support when a healing crisis occurs will help you to stay on track.  Once we’ve decided on the protocol that is best suited to your needs, we can get you started on the road to health and longevity.

What you will learn

  • How to transition for detoxification.
  • How to cleanse at the cellular level.
  • The dangers of the S.A.D. diet.
  • Why we age rapidly and develop diseases.
  • The regenerative power of the body.
  • The magic of fruit and herbs.
  • How to combine foods as nature intended.
  • How symptoms and environment link.
  • Why people get sick during detoxification.
  • The 4 pillars of health.

About me

My name is Maria Manazza & I’ve healed myself from serious health issues which were affecting my quality of life.

I can guarantee that if I had gone in for a medical diagnosis, by the age of 35, surly I would have been “diagnosed” with a condition or a disease.

My symptoms began at the age of 6…I suffered from excruciating left leg pain which kept me awake most nights, affected my health, moods & wellbeing… I can not describe the pain, I would often be awake, alone, crying in the night, as a result, I was a cranky child, pain does that.

I saw several doctors in my 20s for my leg pain only to be prescribed Tylenol 3s, sleeping pills & birth control (not related, however one doctor thought it was hormonal, even though the pain began at age 6)… even the nerve specialist I was referred to couldn’t find a solution, he told me I had a dead nerve in my leg & to take pain medication for the rest of my life, he said it would never heal…

In high school I received a Hepatitis B vaccine which I blacked out from & had to lay down for a few hours until I could see, hear & walk again.  Looking back, I realize it was around this time that my eyesight began to decline, I lost motivation & concentration which brought me down socially & academically.  

Was what contributed to my symptoms becoming increasingly worse throughout my life?

Why I specialize in detoxification

After learning the truth about the diet/disease correlation & how to bring our bodies back into health, I naturally began guiding others towards health after I healed most of which I had been suffering with.  I did not plan this path, it found me.  After I spent over an entire year on mostly just fruit, I decided that I wanted to take courses on the subject. To my dismay, I discovered that there are hardly any schools or courses that teach information on how to properly detoxify and heal the body and I did not want to study information that I had proven to be incorrect.  I had already learned so much from studying Dr. Robert Morse’s information, I had watched all his youtube videos and read his book titled the Detox Miracle Sourcebook that it only felt right to take the Detoxification Specialist course with his International School of Detoxification.

I now specialize in Detoxification because I know firsthand what it is like to live with poor health & to try every health modality out there attempting to find remedy. I know what it feels like to put trust into the allopathic community only to discover that they do not have the answers on how to heal the body. Their focus is on treating the symptoms, not healing the root cause of those symptoms.  I also know what it feels like to not be able to enjoy each moment life has to offer because the pain is an overwhelming distraction. 

Once I learned what it takes to bring the body back into health, it’s almost as if I had no other choice but to share this information & get involved with helping others to achieve health.  Health shouldn’t be overly complicated, expensive or impossible.  The truth is simple and while bringing the body back into a state of health takes time, I believe health is attainable for almost anyone out there if they commit to creating the correct environment within so that the body can heal and correct itself.  I specialize in detoxification because I believe we were all mislead equally in matters of health & everyone deserves health. Why should we have to spend a lifetime just trying to figure out how to properly feed & care for ourselves? 

My heart goes out to the families that experience added pain & hardship just trying to find the answers to their health issues.   Detoxification is the key for health & to help change the world for the better because with everyone that heals, they in turn spread the message to help others get well -and when people feel good, their thoughts, actions and decisions improve which affects the whole. 

Free Consultation

15-minute consultation at no cost. Let’s talk.

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What people are saying…

Maria has been such a valuable source of information. Her knowledge in the field of detoxification equals her passion for helping people break free from pain and suffering brought on by a lack of understanding about the benefits of detox and proper nutrition. Her guidance has helped me to handle the bumpy road of detoxification much more easily than if I was going through the journey alone. Thank you Maria!

Al Rousseau

I’ve been eating juicy fruits and leafy veggies for three weeks now. I feel FANTASTIC. I’ve never done it before and it was through you that I started reading up on it. So sincerely thank you. I’m learning SO much about what we have not been told. I’m loving life. 🌷❤️🌺

Linda Wall

Thank you Maria, love your posts. I have been off all meats for 2 weeks with fruit as my first meal. I feel more energy already and sleep better. Dairy is next off my list. So very glad I met you.

Diane Carney

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