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My name is Mariah Manazza and I’ve healed myself from serious health issues which were affecting my quality of life.
I can guarantee that if I had gone in for a medical diagnosis, by the age of 35, surly I would have been “diagnosed” with a condition or a disease.
My symptoms began at the age of 6…I suffered from excruciating left leg pain which kept me awake most nights, affected my health, moods and well being… I can not describe the pain, I would often be awake, alone, crying in the night, as a result, I was a cranky child, pain does that.

I saw several doctors in my 20s for my leg pain only to be prescribed Tylenol 3s, sleeping pills and birth control (not related, however one doctor thought it was hormonal, even though the pain began at age 6)… even the nerve specialist I was referred to couldn’t find a solution, he told me I had a dead nerve in my leg and to take pain medication for the rest of my life, he said it would never heal…

In high school I received a Hepatitis B vaccine which I blacked out from and had to lay down for a few hours until I could see, hear and walk again.  Looking back, I realize it was around this time that my eyesight began to decline, I lost motivation and concentration which brought me down socially and academically.

What contributed to my symptoms?

  • Hepatitis B vaccine
  • Pharmaceutical use
  • 2 car accidents – suffered head trauma and broken bones
  • poor diet 
  • alcohol consumption
  • trauma /stress
  • Poor Genetics

What symptoms did I heal?

  • Chronic fatigue 
  • Nail biting
  • Cysts on legs
  • Skin rashes/age spots
  • Skin tags
  • Varicose vein

  • Depression and terrible thoughts
  • Poor eyesight
  • Migraine headaches weekly
  • Itchy / dry scalp and skin
  • Acne
  • Thinning eyebrows

  • Alcoholism 
  • Anger
  • Anxiety/nervousness
  • Temporary loss of motor skills

I was at my worst health wise at the age of 35…  We moved to a 7-acre organic farm. We had grass fed cows, chickens, organic eggs and raw milk.  During this time, we believed our food produced from our land to be the healthiest food available.  This was when my migraine headaches and other symptoms became increasingly worse and I would enter into states of hopeless depression where I would cry for hours on end…

Sitting on my couch 6 years ago, at the farm, I suddenly couldn’t stand up.  My body just didn’t want to work, I lost control of my muscles.  My whole body hurt…When I finally was able to get up, I couldn’t walk properly: I had shuffled around… this went on for days until I found a chiropractor who did adjustments for my body to function again…

It was after this incident that I began questioning my diet that I had believed was the healthiest available…

A short time later, a book titled The PH Miracle by Dr. Young made its way into my life… after reading this book it became apparent that meat, dairy and eggs should be eliminated from my diet as they are acidic foods.

This was a big step to take given my farm living circumstances… we were attempting to make a living from the animal products that were produced from the land.

I immediately eliminated meat, dairy, eggs and grains from my diet and a short time later we left the farm as it became a pointless and harmful endeavour to continue…If I wasn’t going to eat animal products, why supply them to other people? That would be hypocritical!

I slowly began to feel symptom relief… then I discovered Arnold Ehret’s book Rational Fasting and it blew me away (the most important book I’ve read) I incorporated fasting and intermittent fasting into my routine which brought me even closer to health.  It wasn’t until I discovered Dr Robert Morse’s information years later that I began to develop a deeper understanding of the detoxification process the body must go through and the importance of fruits and herbs.

Summary of what I did to get well.

I lived for 2 years on a mucusless diet combined with frequent enemas when I initially eliminated meat, dairy, eggs and grains…

After 2 years, I transitioned to a raw food diet including greens, fruits, raw veggie fruits and plant fats such as avocados.

 I went through many ups and downs, which is expected during the healing process.. periods of feeling bad while old symptoms resurfaced to heal…I eliminated parasites and mucoid plaque…I was aware of the process and expected it, I went through it and accepted it all as part of the healing process with gratitude…

After 3 months of raw, I eliminated the plant fats and stepped it up to only fruits, this is when I noticed my body healing rapidly and the cysts on my legs began to fade…

I incorporated some herbal support.

Today I feel calm, anxiety and pain free with mental clarity like I’ve never felt…my dreams and memory have returned… I am an improved version of my former self and I am truly grateful for that…

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