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by | Sun,Apr,2022 | Arnold Ehret, Detox, Detoxification, Fasting, Health, Iridology, Natural Hygiene

Ok, so nobody is perfect, and we all have our individual challenges, yet some of us strive for optimal health because we realize that good health is the foundation for quality of life, and in turn, a healthier planet.  What we see all around us, on the outside, believe it or not, it is a reflection of our collective overall health and right now?  Things can definitely improve and for that to occur, it begins with ourselves.

I often share information on the topic of health and health promoting information and practices in hopes that others can also learn how to improve their own health which slowly helps to build a healthier world.  The butterfly effect.

I got to thinking, we strive for health, but we don’t seem to discuss, or even admit to the NON-health promoting practices or habits that we still engage in and likely struggle with correcting.

On social media, I am asking that others please share what are the NON-health promoting practices it is that they are dealing with in their day to day lives.

I’ll go first.

I am aware that my showers are way too hot.  I love hot showers, and even though I am aware that they are inherently dehydrating, and even damaging to the skin, I still can’t seem to help myself.  I find myself turning the water temperature down just a little, and then turning it right back up because I want it hot.  So, what do I do to compensate?  I make sure to drink a glass of distilled water before my shower, and after my hot shower.  I honestly do not know if this habit helps in anyway, but I do it because it makes me feel good and it offers me piece of mind – the placebo effect goes a long way!

Im sure I can think of more, however, at this time I am being rushed to get a few things done this morning.  I may come back and add to this post, my main intention here was to get the conversation started in hopes that we can all learn from each other because building disease is quite easy in today’s world, however, building health requires some effort.

Thanks for reading

happy healing everyone

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