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Elimination / Detox Season

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I wrote this quite some time ago which I feel is worth sharing once again.

If I could, I would re -name the “flu season” to “ELIMINATION season”,(or to Detoxification Season)  this way, people may get the correct idea that this “sickness” experienced stems from within, & isn’t something that they mysteriously “caught” from another person  (outside source) during some special “season”…
we create our internal conditions & our bodies eliminate whenever possible in order to clean our inner terrain…
Our diets are largely to blame for Elimination season & therefore the body must compensate by cleaning house, a.ka., elimination!!
Elimination season!
It’s a beautiful thing & those that suppress the bodies ability to do so, pay a heftier price later on down the road…
Elimination season!
Where the body takes it upon itself to eliminate toxins/acids/mucus from within…
I want to add something that I feel is very important and get’s completely overlooked.  I speak with people very regularly who tell me that they never get sick.  They feel that since they never get sick then by default this means that they are in good health.
If you Never get sick (cold/flu like symptoms), this likely means one of two things.  Either you are in very good health which in today’s world is quite an accomplishment and not the majority.  Or, your body is depleted in “Nerve Energy”.  For the body to initiate a healing or cleansing event (cold / flu symptoms) it requires a lot of nerve energy which children are often not depleted in which is why they regularly get sick or deal with fever.  As we get older and we continue to eat foods outside of our species specific dietary requirements such as meats, dairy, eggs, processed foods, fast foods, wheat, etc., we deplete our nerve energy overtime.  Stimulants also depletes vital nerve energy such as Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Salts, Vinegars, Alcohol, etc. and of course pharmaceutical use, drug use, even herbal use, or any substances that the body must work overtime to eliminate all of which can deplete our nerve energy reserves.
So when someone mentions that they never get sick, I immediately question their past and current dietary / lifestyle choices in order to help them to determine whether they do not get sick for good reason, or for reasons of poor health.  It’s not a good sign if we are depleted of our life force or nerve energy.  This means that the body cannot muster up enough energy to initiate a much needed cleaning / detoxification event to help clean up the accumulated mucus, acids, and poisons stored within the great lymphatic system throughout our body.
How can we repair our depleted nerve energy?  We can begin with eating foods that do not require excess digestive energy to process because those types of foods are very taxing on the digestive system and in turn our nerve energy.  Foods such as meat, dairy, eggs, and any processed foods are not health promoting.  Eat foods such as fruits, greens, vegetables (raw or lightly steamed) and minimize or cease consumption of stimulants such as alcohol, caffeine, salt, etc.
One of my favourite tips that anyone can do and it is free is to close the eyes for at least 10 minutes a day.  Focus on breath and quiet the mind.  Closing the eyes can help to repair our nerve energy overtime.  Adopt other health promoting lifestyle habits such as walking in the forest, grounding, getting to bed earlier, minimizing screen time or exposure to EMF’s or Blue light.  I have blue light blocking sunglasses on my website here for purchase if you would like to wear these when using devices.
Our health is the result of all our past habits and current habits combined.  We can change the direction that our health is headed in by adopting health promoting lifestyle changes.  So ask yourself, do you not get sick because you are very healthy, or do you not get sick because your body doesn’t have enough energy to initiate an elimination/detoxification?
If you would like to book an hour consultation with me, I can help get you started on the path towards health and healing, or if you would just like to talk about how you can improve your diet/lifestyle, I am here for that too!
Happy healing everyone, true health is wealth!
Mariah 🍊 Heal ThySelf
                  Healthy Self..

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